Why Hookup Rejection Isn’t The Worst Thing In The World

shemale hookup rejection

There’s no colder feeling in the adult hookup or even traditional dating world as that of the rejection. Whether the rejection comes in person, over the phone, or by way of ghosting, it hurts all the same.

But often when we think of hookup rejection, it makes us feel jaded and bitter. But is dating rejection really a bad thing?

When you figure out that a dating prospect just “isn’t that into you,” it can cause you to feel insecure and worthless. Humans struggle with rejection, it isn’t in our nature to lose.


But discomfort and failure aren’t inherently bad things. They can often serve as a gift, though that’s a difficult concept to observe when the hookup failure wounds are fresh.

But here’s the positive spin you need in case you are feeling a bit down over rejection.

Rejection Saves You Time

In the hookup dating world, time is at a premium. Our lives are busy, it is one reason we don’t dabble in romance-style dating. That’s just overly time-consuming. We want to ‘get to the point,’ for lack of a better phrase.

But it doesn’t mean that time-waste doesn’t occur in the hookup dating world, even on our shemale hookup site.

It happens all of the time.


So when someone ghosts you, or rejects you, this allows you the freedom to utilize that time and energy in a more positive place. For example, you can divert that energy to shemale dates more likely to be into you.

The rejection cuts the cord and releases your time. This is a great thing and something you should embrace.

Rejection Opens Up New Opportunities

If you are wasting your time with someone who isn’t that into you, you are missing out on fresh, more viable opportunities.

When you move on from someone, you are able to clear your mind and open it to new hookup opportunities. This means you’ll likely expand your experiences because you are no longer wasting your time with something that’s going nowhere.

In the hookup dating world, rejection is a great part of the process. It’s a foundation aspect of the experience. Without it, we get into the “leading people on” experience and that’s no better than traditional dating sites.

Rejection Makes You Stronger, Wiser

I know this is something that few want to hear, but rejection and failure make us stronger. So don’t fret when you get turned down, if you embrace the failure, you come back stronger and wiser. You end up making your life even better.

The more rejection you endure, the more likely you are to land the shemale hookup of your dreams.

I know, a lot of this feels like word salad that is intended to pacify you at your lowest moments. But that’s far from the truth. In fact, rejection is a part of every hookup journey. Those who learn to see the positive side of rejection are the ones who reap the biggest rewards.

So, keep your head high and realize that things happen for a reason. Your day in the sun is just around the corner.