First Date Shemale Handjobs: Why They Rock

Your first shemale hookup meeting can be stressful. Oh come on, it is stressful. Heck, just meeting any person for the first time is pretty intense, much less, someone you desire a sexual experience with.

Enter the first date shemale handjob. One of the most sacred sexual events ever. OK, that was a bit much. But the truth is, the first date handjob is a pretty normal experience, particularly in a shemale world where chemistry takes time.

Let’s look at why first date shemale handjobs rock.

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Want To Avoid Shemale Dating Dramas? Here Are 5 Hard Rules To Follow

Adult online dating isn’t without it’s frustrations. Sure, the ‘to the point’ style interactions certainly help cull out a lot of frustrating interactions found on mainstream dating sites. But still, people are people no matter where you find them. And that means dramas can fire up.

The good news is that you can help stave off the drama by being aware of your online surroundings.

Here are a few good signs that the person you’re chatting with isn’t a good match.

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What COVID-19 Taught Us About Shemale Dating

COVID-19 has taught us a lot, even if begrudgingly, about shemale dating. It’s caused us to be a bit more comfortable with shemale online dating sites and a tad more distrusting about the shemale bar scene.

Overall, we’ve probably entered a new phase in shemale dating that remains even after everything reopens. And we believe that to be a great thing.

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