Your First Shemale Date Has Arrived. Now What?

Your shemale first date is on the horizon. You’ve vetted one another. You both understand what the other wants both personally and sexually. You’ve gained some mutual trust. Now it’s time to meet.

Although all the vetting feels behind you, it’s far from over. The first real date with a shemale continues the mutual learning process. You both have a long way to go, but you know that – it’s why you’re nervous.

It’s OK to be nervous. In fact, it’s healthy. It means you care. You want things to go right. Shemale sex doesn’t just fall into your lap. It’s more complicated than that. But it seems you’re nearer than you were two weeks ago, or a month ago.

Think back to before you joined Shemale Sex Date to find a partner. You were nowhere. Now, you’re embarking on a first date with a shemale that you’ve established a vibe with.

But now, the real work begins. How do you approach the first date with a shemale?

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