How To Combat Shemale Dating Discrimination

It was August of 2012. A gorgeous sunny, pool-worthy day that most people around me were embracing. Instead, I stood under a fancy umbrella sweating bullets. I was talking to a shemale who’d happened to the party via another friend’s wife.

It didn’t take long for the looks to begin swinging in my direction. Shortly after, the feeler statements began prodding my soul.

“You almost seemed into that shemale, bro!”

That’s of course not a question, it’s someone hoping I confirm I’m “certainly not into shemale sex dating.”

So how do we handle shemale dating discrimination?

Well, not with kid gloves, that’s for sure.

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Your First Shemale-Cisgender Date Is Here (How To Prepare)

If you’re a cisgender and your first shemale date is nearing, you might be experiencing raging nerves. That’s completely OK. Don’t beat yourself up for it. You may even be questioning if you should show up. If you’ve performed the appropriate safety due diligence, you should show up. Ghosting earns you a bad reputation. That said, never place yourself in a bad situation.

As your first shemale date approaches, it’s a good time to get your cisgender strategy in order. Let’s go over a number of ways you can help yourself to shemale dating success.

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