Why Hookup Rejection Isn’t The Worst Thing In The World

There’s no colder feeling in the adult hookup or even traditional dating world as that of the rejection. Whether the rejection comes in person, over the phone, or by way of ghosting, it hurts all the same.

But often when we think of hookup rejection, it makes us feel jaded and bitter. But is dating rejection really a bad thing?

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Shemale Hookups: A Guide To a Maybe “COVID-LESS Summer” Fling Experience

This summer is building up to be quite a hot shemale hookup experience. Why? Well, summer means warmer weather and people poking their heads out for some social interaction. It means more beach bods, more skin. And this summer could be the first normal one in two years if the COVID vaccine roll out continues.

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First Date Shemale Handjobs: Why They Rock

Your first shemale hookup meeting can be stressful. Oh come on, it is stressful. Heck, just meeting any person for the first time is pretty intense, much less, someone you desire a sexual experience with.

Enter the first date shemale handjob. One of the most sacred sexual events ever. OK, that was a bit much. But the truth is, the first date handjob is a pretty normal experience, particularly in a shemale world where chemistry takes time.

Let’s look at why first date shemale handjobs rock.

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Want To Avoid Shemale Dating Dramas? Here Are 5 Hard Rules To Follow

Adult online dating isn’t without it’s frustrations. Sure, the ‘to the point’ style interactions certainly help cull out a lot of frustrating interactions found on mainstream dating sites. But still, people are people no matter where you find them. And that means dramas can fire up.

The good news is that you can help stave off the drama by being aware of your online surroundings.

Here are a few good signs that the person you’re chatting with isn’t a good match.

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What COVID-19 Taught Us About Shemale Dating

COVID-19 has taught us a lot, even if begrudgingly, about shemale dating. It’s caused us to be a bit more comfortable with shemale online dating sites and a tad more distrusting about the shemale bar scene.

Overall, we’ve probably entered a new phase in shemale dating that remains even after everything reopens. And we believe that to be a great thing.

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How To Combat Shemale Dating Discrimination

It was August of 2012. A gorgeous sunny, pool-worthy day that most people around me were embracing. Instead, I stood under a fancy umbrella sweating bullets. I was talking to a shemale who’d happened to the party via another friend’s wife.

It didn’t take long for the looks to begin swinging in my direction. Shortly after, the feeler statements began prodding my soul.

“You almost seemed into that shemale, bro!”

That’s of course not a question, it’s someone hoping I confirm I’m “certainly not into shemale sex dating.”

So how do we handle shemale dating discrimination?

Well, not with kid gloves, that’s for sure.

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Your First Shemale-Cisgender Date Is Here (How To Prepare)

If you’re a cisgender and your first shemale date is nearing, you might be experiencing raging nerves. That’s completely OK. Don’t beat yourself up for it. You may even be questioning if you should show up. If you’ve performed the appropriate safety due diligence, you should show up. Ghosting earns you a bad reputation. That said, never place yourself in a bad situation.

As your first shemale date approaches, it’s a good time to get your cisgender strategy in order. Let’s go over a number of ways you can help yourself to shemale dating success.

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Shemale Dating App Benefits – Why Its The Best Way To Hookup

Your attraction to shemales probably began years ago. But at the time, you were confused about how to manage or negotiate the urges. You felt lost, as if you were in some sexual bizzaro world not embraced by mainstream culture. The latter is somewhat true, make no mistake about it. So you’ve finally found your way to a Shemale Dating app.

It’s possible you’ve tried a slew of other shemale dating methods. Maybe bars, or meetups, or chat groups.

But now you are ready to take the dive into shemale dating via an authentic dating app.

Let’s look at the benefits.

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Your First Shemale Date Has Arrived. Now What?

Your shemale first date is on the horizon. You’ve vetted one another. You both understand what the other wants both personally and sexually. You’ve gained some mutual trust. Now it’s time to meet.

Although all the vetting feels behind you, it’s far from over. The first real date with a shemale continues the mutual learning process. You both have a long way to go, but you know that – it’s why you’re nervous.

It’s OK to be nervous. In fact, it’s healthy. It means you care. You want things to go right. Shemale sex doesn’t just fall into your lap. It’s more complicated than that. But it seems you’re nearer than you were two weeks ago, or a month ago.

Think back to before you joined Shemale Sex Date to find a partner. You were nowhere. Now, you’re embarking on a first date with a shemale that you’ve established a vibe with.

But now, the real work begins. How do you approach the first date with a shemale?

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Shemale Sex Dating Explained: Tips & Things To Know

Shemale dating can initially be complicated. 

But here you are, on Shemale Sex Date, looking to explore that inner-urge to find a shemale sex hookup experience. But being new to things, you may feel overwhelmed. You aren’t sure if you are “ready” to date a shemale. You don’t know how a shemale may react to your messages, your flirting, or the first time you slide your hand towards her dick.

The world of shemale sex dating can be intimidating for those who are new. But being fresh shouldn’t be an obstacle for living out your longtime fantasy. The perceived hindrance is really a covert opportunity. 

You’re about to learn how to get started in online shemale dating. Once you understand the ropes, boundaries, and culture, you’ll be a shemale dating pro. 

So let’s get you started.

Are you ready?

We sure hope so.

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